Running for Exercise

Running is one of the best ways to lose weight and can also be enjoyable. Here are some useful tips to make the most of this exercise!

  • Have the right equipment with a comfortable pair of trainers which give you proper support and have the right size clothing.
  • Undertake some stretch exercise before you run to prepare your body.
  • Build up your running gradually starting with a slow run until you reach a comfortable speed at later stages.
  • Lower speed will lead your body to take from its fat store faster than from its carbohydrate store and so a lower pace will burn more fat.
  • A mix of running and walking will build fitness.
  • Choose a route with which you are comfortable and of one to two miles in the first month to build confidence.
  • Consider keeping a running log to track your progress with time and how you feel afterwards recorded to assist motivation.
  • Cool down and stretch after each run to keep your body in good condition and to minimise injuries.

Extra walking is good for you

  • Moderate walking for just 20 minutes extra a day could reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and cardio-vascular related deaths.
  • Increasing daily exercise by just 2000 steps is a lifestyle change which can have dramatic effects whether a person has not exercised much before or is obese. It has been recommended for the overweight and those with a family history of diabetes . Experts say it is particularly good for older people who may struggle to exercise regularly.
  • A healthy adult should be taking more than 10000 steps a day – the equivalent of walking 3 to miles.
  • For details of regular local healthwalks in Felixstowe and district, contact Felixstowe Library